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Create your profitable Forex trading strategy here -
fast, intuitive, online

For any terminal or robot
- Investtuner will help you to create your own best-profit trading algorithm performing history tests.

1. Select the instrument and the timeframe

For example: EUR/USD 15 minutes + 1 day

You will be able to create a strategy with analysis of multiple time frames or instruments simultaneously

2. Combine indicators

For example: 2 RSI + 2 EMA

Investtuner will help you to find the best initial values for indicators such as RSI 25 and EMA 28 + EMA 65

3. Setup BUY/SELL conditions

For example: buy when the 28 EMA crosses the 65 EMA and the RSI is below 30

No programming - just by controlling your mouse, you will be able to describe your strategy and set levels of Take Profit and Stop Loss:

4. Find the most profitable parameters of your strategy.

History data test resulting profit heat map

Investtuner combines any pair of parameters for your strategy and shows the history of what values produce the best result. It makes visually on a heat map, where X and Y are the values of the parameters to test, and the temperature is strategy’s profit for the poarameters.

Find the most profitable parameters of the basic indicators RSI, SMA, EMA, etc. 

Find the best timeframe

RSI 7 or RSI 14?
Investtuner evaluates the profitability of transactions with different parameters and gives You a heat map of   to assess the best indicators parameters

Similarly Investtuner  optimizes the parameters of the whole strategy.

We must try to assume the market makers plans to make the right suggestion of price movement.

Analyze trading volumes!

Investtuner has an unique, intuitive BUY/SELL volumes indicator of transactions based on tick volume

The price varies between the two levels of support - resistance "Bouncing" from them either breaks the level and starts to move between another pair of levels

Investtuner able to build levels of support and resistance automatically

Уровни поддержки и сопротивления (support / resistance levels)
Таблица корреляции (зависимости)  валютных пар

Knowing the correlation, you can reduce the dial risks.

For example, don't buy the "similar" instruments in one direction or to make decisions about the deal only when the signal from the two instruments received at the same time

Investtuner shows how correlated (interrelated) prices of various instruments